CSL System
CSL System

The voice that makes the whole world listen

In the future, a piece of gold not only needs to shine, but also to have the "power of expression" – speak out to the world. The expression power is the most important feature of personality. It helps people to convey different points of view and values. The communication proficiency is the main criteria to measure one's achievements. After long-term research, we distilled three following main skills and formed a complete teaching system for expressive learning and training.


  • Professional development

    Professional development

  • Diplomacy


  • Management


  • Public speaking

    Public speaking

  • Eloquence


  • Daily life skills

    Daily life skills


The ability to invent the world

STEAM education is not only giving the knowledge. The Interdisciplinary Project System (PBL) is strengthening the cognitive process of our young citizens by enhancing their scientific sense to cope with the changes and challenges.







宣怀STEAM的学习采用项目制(Project Based Learning),以学生为中心设计执行项目来进行教学活动,从而促进学生的学习效果。在一定的时间内,学生选择、计划、提出一个项目构思,通过展示等多种形式解决实际问题。通过这种与现实相结合的实践方式,使学生更有效率地掌握学科知识,并在此过程中培养学生的社会情感技能。

STEAM 科创力发明世界的能力

STEAM Curriculum Benchmarks

Time Axis of our STEAM crruiculum

Four Features of STEAM Teaching

  • Teacher role: leading the instruction

    Teacher’s role:
    Leading the instruction

  • Learning method: task-based learning approach

    Learning method:
    Task-based learning approach

  • Learning environment: team work exploration mode

    Learning environment:

  • Learning content: interdisciplinary integration

    Learning content:
    Interdisciplinary integration


Crucial ability to change the world

Leadership is a core competence, which HH believes is the most crucial ability in life. It can be trained through diverse activities such as scientific projects, sports, and daily routine. Enhancing personal charisma through social activities can play a vital role for children to stand on the world stage in future.
We develop three key skills to cultivate leadership.
CSL Integration
Although three parts of "CSL teaching system" are independent, they are interconnected to meet the need of children's comprehensive ability. CSL gives our children a voice to speak, a brush to paint the bright future, and a stage to perform as leaders. HH educates the global citizens with 21st Century Skills through innovation and technology.
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