Wuhan 21st Century Education Group was created

On August 3rd, “Wuhan 21st Century Education Investment Co., Ltd.”, jointly sponsored by HH Education technology, Hubei KeTou Education Investment Co., Ltd. and 21st Century English Education Media of China Daily, was announced officially established. The Central China region launched an educational program centered on CSL(communication ,science,leadership)

Wuhan 21st Century Education Investment Co., Ltd. will build the International Kindergarten and the learning Center based on the concept of CSL (communication ,science ,leadership)in Wuhan Optics Valley Software Park. It is expected to be officially enrolled in 2019. Subsequently, more primary schools and secondary schools will be established gradually .

As a platform for resource docking between HH Education and China Daily and Hubei KeTou, the joint venture company will fully introduce resources from all parties and manage investment and business activities in the area of education media, we aim to be the influential leader of educational group in Central China

According to HH education, they are committed to “fostering citizens with future competence in the era of seicence and technology”as their mission at the beginning of the establishment of the company, the concept of CSL was created around the STEAM education model. this concept will be used in every aspects of our Educational products, research and projects. Working together with partners with a positive and open mind to build a powerful country in education.

Hubei Science and Technology Investment Group is one of the largest state-owned enterprises in Hubei Province. Its officially established in 2005, it has been closely following the principle of “government-led, market-oriented operation and enterprise management”, focusing on “infrastructure construction and strategic industry investment”. The four functional orientations ,now ,Hubei science and technology investment group have developed into one of Hubei's largest state-owned enterprises with assets of 100 billion. The establishment of

this joint venture is a new attempt of the group in the education industry.

The 21st Century English Education Media under the China Daily has been committed to promoting the development of English education and competence education in China since its inception, with the mission of nurturing younger generation with global vision and international communication skills. After more than 20 years of development, the 21st century English education media has created a strong teaching and research system and a series of brand activities, and established an English newspaper reading experimental base in thousands of primary, and middle schools across the country. Nowadays, it has nearly ten kinds of media platforms such as newspapers, websites, “two micro-ends” and electronic newspaper . their business stretch across print media , video stream media and science & education research etc ,As a strategic partnership of Hsuanhua Education, this establishment of joint venture company marked an closer cooperation between HH Education and the 21st century English education media.



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