HH International Kindergarten throws a great “Christmas parent-child Carnival”

On December 22, the first "Christmas parent-child carnival" was successfully held in wuhan K11 weilai exhibition hall.The event was hosted by HH international kindergarten and received strong support from wuhan K11 and wuhan weilai.

At 1:00 PM, accompanied by merry Christmas songs, xuanhuai "Christmas parent-child carnival" kicked off.Parents who are always busy with their work can fully interact with their children in this activity, and participate in the parent-child activity designed by HH international kindergarten to share a sweet Christmas time.

Activities started, HH international kindergarten director in wuhan area on the ground and to the children on Christmas, then by HH international kindergarten teacher Joel teacher optical valley garden led the children to the joy of the game, will study English into the joy of the game, playing at the same time let the child dare to express, to express in English and not shy.

In the activity of HH "Christmas parent-child carnival", HH international kindergarten integrates reggio education concept and STEAM education into various interactive links on site. The simple DIY photo frame making allows children to give full play to their imagination and fully show their world.The paper cup folding game designed with STEAM concept can fully display the baby's sense of space, three-dimensional modeling, geometric structure and the stability of triangle, etc., and present the complex concept of "two-dimensional and three-dimensional" with the child's behavior language!

"In fact, children's learning is not constructed independently, but under the interaction of the surrounding environment and peers.Dr. He pan, who is in charge of the teaching and research team of HH education group and is an important guest of the event, said, "we encourage children to interact with people and things around them, discover and master knowledge in their own language, and then apply it in practice.Today, I see in the children's interactive games their innate talent and interest in scientific knowledge and foreign cultures.

In addition, after the interactive game, Dr. He pan explained the concept of reggio education, gave some Suggestions on family education to parents, and offered festival wishes.

Finally, Santa Claus of HH international kindergarten prepared beautiful Christmas gifts for the children, which drew a perfect end for this activity.

HH "parent-child Christmas carnival" is not just a parent-child activities, but also parents and children a good holiday memories, also let more parents experience raj's education idea and the charm of STEAM, HH international kindergarten will continue will be two major education idea runs through the kid's kindergarten life, let the children explore the world culture and the civilization of science and technology in the happiness!

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