Mr. Chen Guo, President of HH Institute was invited to judge “21st Century Cup” - National English Speech Contest of China Daily.

On March 23, the China Daily "21st Century Cup" the finals of National English Speech Contest was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center near the West Lake. Mr. Chen Guo, President of Xuanhuai Education, was invited to be the judge by the 21st Century English Education Media, which is wholly-owned by china daily and also the largest English education media group in China.

Mr. Chen Guo said: the competence education development has gradually entering into the stage of high-speed development , and the competence education and training industry has encountered significant

opportunities. music, English, arts, sports, robot, and children programming is gradually becoming the main direction of competence education and training market. As a cross-cultural communication tool, English plays an irreplaceable role in cultivating talents with an international perspective. In line with this trend, English competence education is getting intensively important in China .

The Hangzhou International Expo Center also held the other 5 contests, including 24th china daily "21st Century cup" National university and youth English Speech Contest Finals , the 17th China Daily "21st Century Cup" Primary and Secondary School English Speech Contest Finals, The 3rd China Daily’s “21st Century Cup” Children’s English Contest Finals, the 2nd China Daily’s “21st Century Cup” National Youth English Speech Contest Finals and China Daily’s “Belt and Road” Youth English Speech Contest Finals activity . The contest held the standard of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, promoted the core values of socialism, cultivated and improved the international communication skills of Chinese young students. Under the guidance of the Ministry of Education with the spirit of English teaching reform for competence education, this activity will help to comprehensively demonstrate the results of English teaching and teaching reform in middle schools across the country, effectively improve English teaching for middle schools , generally improve English communication and expression skills of middle school students.

"One Belt And One Road" youth English speech contest contestants take a group photo at the contest site

"One Belt And One Road" youth English speech contest contestants gathered in hangzhou to compete and communicate with each other

The “Belt and Road” Youth English Speech Contest Finals attracted 31 elite players from 30 countries and regions. At the same time, in the past three days, more than 500 young students from all over the country have gathered together to give speeches on different topics in the "21st Century Cup" National English Speech Contest Finals, telling the truth to the world, The three-dimensional and general picture of China to promoting the "One Belt and One Road" and building a community of human destiny. The contest set different themes for each participating group based on characteristics. The subjects of the lower grades of the primary schools are “My first special memory” and “No pains, no gains”. The subjects of the junior and senior high school finals are “No cross, no crown “and “My love of learning about Chinese History”,the theme of the finals of the university and youth group are “ A glimpse into the future” and “Nature is a common language”. As the age of the players increases, the difficulty of the topic of the speech is also upgraded. from the examination of the player’s basic English speaking skills to the examination of their history, culture and knowledge reserves and  speculative ability. The Children's English conference is based on  building children's interests in English . It sets up an interesting segment called “ reading book- performance” to let the children fully present their talent . The "One Belt, One Road" event focuses on the topics of Let us be true to one another and The great truth is simple. Through language exchanges and competitions, Chinese and foreigners compete on the same stage to promote communication.

Vice Minister of Education Weng Tiehui, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Propaganda Minister Zhu Guoxian, Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhou Jiangyong, China Daily chief Editor Zhou Shuchun and China Overseas , Chinese Association Consultant, China Translation Association Consultant Tang Wensheng, Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department Li Xingwen, deputy editor-in-chief of China Daily, Qu Yingying, Hangzhou Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Propaganda Minister, Roaring Tiger, Hangzhou Municipal Government Vice Mayor Chen Guomei, Zhejiang Overseas Chinese Federation Party Member and Vice Chairman Zhang Weiren, Director of the Training Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sun Ning, Lord Paul Boateng, President of the International English Federation, attended and presented awards to the winners.

On March 24th, after fierce competition, Nicol Yong Jia Jia from Malaysia won the championship of the “Belt and Road” Youth English Speech Contest; Chen Yixian from Tsinghua University and Sun Zhongwen from San Paulo School for Men and Women were awarded “21st Century” National Champion of the English speech contest. Chen Yixian of Tsinghua University and Fan Yuehang from Nanjing Foreign Languages School won the "21st Century Most Potential Award" and will represent China as a contestant in the international English speech contest held in London, England.

Weng tiehui (fourth from left), vice-minister of education, zhu guoxian (fourth from right), standing committee of zhejiang provincial committee, hangzhou municipal party secretary zhou jiangyong (first from left) and China Daily editor-in-chief zhou shuchun (first from right) present awards to the winners of "One Belt And One Road" youth English speech contest


Mr. Chen guo, President of HsuanHuai education, presented the honorary certificates to the winners in the lower grades

Elementary school lower grade group contestant lively speech

An impassioned speech by a junior contestant

So far, China Daily's "21st century cup" national English speech contest has come to a successful conclusion.I wish the winners all the best in their future English study.

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