MOE introduces opinions on preschool education reform

MOE introduces opinions on preschool education reform

The document laid out overall requirements for the reform and development of preschool education and specified measures to be taken in eight areas: planning and distribution of kindergartens, expansion of preschool education resources, long-term funding mechanisms, teaching workforce, supervision systems, regulation of private kindergartens, childcare and teaching quality, and administrative systems.

The document also clearly set out 2020 goals and medium and long-term targets up to 2035. Specifically, by 2020, China will have established a universal, public and quality preschool education system with the gross enrollment rate reaching 85% and the coverage of kindergartens with universal access amounting to 80%. By 2035, preschool education will have been made available to all families, through the establishment of a public system covering both urban and rural areas and rational distribution of quality resources.

Later at the meeting, Zhang and Zou spoke of lessons drawn and practices in place in their home provinces for developing community kindergartens, improving teacher recruitment and compensation mechanism, and expanding universal preschool resources. Professor Yu explained the document from an academic perspective.


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