HH united telecom giant HuaWei application market together to explore the new form of pre-school education in high-tech context.

On May 25, 2019 HsuanHuai International Science Kidergarten hosted an activity together with telecom giant and world-leading provider of communication solutions, Huawei, the application market branch. Called “The fairytale factory - smart little class”, the activity took place in the city of Wuhan.We introduced 16 premium applications for children and 4 interactive activities which, having learning in a playful way as a core, open doors for a world of knowledge.

The “Fairytale factory” activities were exclusively designed for 3-6 years old learners in HsuanHuai International Science Kindergarten, which aims to explore and develop the new form of pre-school education in high-tech context. Huawei application market created and launched a unique grading system and a number of offline activities, which broad the horizon of science and guide users to discover and enjoy the beautiful digital life.

The strategic cooperation between HsuanHuai International Science Kindergarten and Huawei application market has provided a brand new way of thinking of pre-school education which aims to improve the learning process and let interests play the role of teacher.

In the digital world , online education is becoming an increasingly popular trend among learners, and we have faith to believe that with the continuous improvement and development of pre-school education industry ,more high quality APPs will become student’s second classroom.

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