Third Conference on Science and Technology held at TJU

The opening ceremony of the Third Conference on Science and Technology of Tianjin University was held in the truth-seeking hall of Tianjin University Beiyangyuan Campus on Nov 26. The conference gathered nearly 1600 domestic and international experts and front-line scientific researchers.


During the next month, Tianjin University will select 10 major scientific issues and after holding thorough discussions, it will establish the main direction for cracking "bottlenecks", and outline the road map for scientific and technological work in the next ten years, to build our country into a scientifically advanced nation.

The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the National Education Congress have proposed new regulations for accelerating the construction of first-class universities. Taking socialist thought with Chinese characteristics as a guide, the theme of this conference focussed on future requirements, wisdom, innovation of ideas, and to take the lead, changing scientific and technological innovation from tracking to leading, as well as improving scientific research and innovation abilities.

Zhong Denghua, president of Tianjin University, declared the opening and underlined universities’ mission in facilitating social development during his speech. “From the history of the world’s great powers, we know that universities are the major motivation for science and technological revolution and the main source for our country’s comprehensive strength. With that in mind, what is our duty and responsibility? Where does the problem lie? What goals and measures should we set?”

Lei Chaozi, Director of the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education, warmly congratulated the convening of the conference. He pointed out that new changes for scientific and technological work have been set in colleges and universities. As a pioneer, Tianjin University ventured to set up the frontier science center of synthetic biology, carried out earthquake engineering simulation research and major scientific and technological infrastructure construction. On the basis of comprehensive development, a series of important breakthroughs and progress have been made within Tianjin University.

In the coming month, scientific researchers in Tianjin University will seek to reach consensus and draw a blueprint for new development of science and technology in the following aspects:

Challenging the technical problems, selecting the "top ten scientific issues" in the frontier fields of molecular, terahertz science, tissue and nerve engineering, stem cell synthetic biology and other frontiers to produce major leading edge achievements aiming for the National Natural Science Award; Focusing on common and leading technologies in key fields to cultivate strategic scientists in the fields of artificial intelligence, synthetic biology, brain science and other advanced technologies by 2023; Building up a national team capable of carrying major national science and technological innovation.

To further promote innovation capabilities in the next five years, Tianjin University has come up with "three layouts", namely, laying out important research directions, major research platforms and key innovation teams; implementing "three plans", namely, plan for thoroughly strengthening the basic research for serving the country's major needs, for reforming the management of scientific research; and "three upgrades" to achieve, namely, upgrading major original innovation capabilities, the ability to serve the country, and improving support systems.

Under these new conditions, Tianjin University seeks to improve its research level in the next five years, build major scientific and technological infrastructure, frontier centers and research platforms, bring together leading talents, produce symbolic achievements in the frontier fields. To better respond to the national strategy, we will serve as an innovation-driven force, double the annual research funds and make breakthroughs in the construction of national high-end think tanks. In terms of the support system, we should accelerate the reform of the system and mechanism, explore a scientific and technological evaluation mechanism with representative achievements and original contributions, constantly improve the comprehensive scientific and technological support system, fully stimulate the innovative vitality of scientific and technological personnel, and create a first-class academic atmosphere.

030, we believe that our university’s overall scientific and technological strength will reach first-class level worldwide. Tianjin University has always shouldered the task of promoting education development. In the new era, we should understand the mission and responsibility of scientific and technological work from the perspective of national prosperity, rejuvenation, and make tremendous contributions to building a country strong in science and technology.”

Excerpt from the official website of China Daily

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